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moo moo [Aug. 27th, 2007|05:56 am]
I've mooved.
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wizard of oos and ahhs and falalas [Aug. 26th, 2007|06:52 pm]
THE SUN IS OUT. finally. :)
I actually had to get up this morning to switch off the heater that I had woken up to switch on an hour earlier.

I keep telling myself that I'll try and gym before 12, but truth is, I can ever wake up before 12 nowadays. So forget the morning exercises, i'll just do 12-2. Plus it's a sunday.

On an exciting note, Zhou Qi finally proposed! I'm going to be a sister-in-law and hopefully an auntie in the near future. Congrats jie, and I really really want to see the ring.

I love weddings, let me get myself in shape before the end of next year so I can fit into one of those oh so pretty bridesmaid dresses. YAAAY. This will be the first family wedding for me. I want to help with the colours, flowers, food, music. I'll sing you a song, abrie! :) A rock and roll one. And I want to do the whole extorting money from Zhou Qi and his buddies and making them do awful stunts and what not.

piccolo will finally have his own room!
you know I love you.
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with your face sketched on it twice. [Aug. 24th, 2007|05:13 am]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

I've evolved into such an auntie, it's not even funny.

The transformation begins with the printing out of a recipe, and is brought to completion with some time dedicated to surfing the coles supermarkets website.
I now have exactly the product names of all that I need to get, their respective net weight, and price.
The strangest part is that I actually enjoyed it. It was so fulfilling, and I am so very proud of myself.
Mom, you should be too.

I tried to do the same with Kmart, but my attention span ran out.

The freak weather has forced me to use the dryer, and I'm paranoid for my clothes. PLus, I'll HAVE to IRON my clothes now- a first in my overseas education experience. I've always managed to avoid this chore by hanging out all my clothes and then keeping them nice and neat once dry. There goes my winning streak.

SHYTE. said in the most Irish way possible.
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rockin' in the free world [Aug. 23rd, 2007|04:50 am]
Thanks to Sophie, our resident graffiti master, I have a cool new profile picture on facebook.
It's Mr Jon Bon Jovi rockin it on the guitar:)

Thank you for the 4 hours of hard hard labour, girl!
And though I know know know deep in my heart that the final piece would have been even better, I still think this rocks :)

I spent my night working out at fitness first, watching trashy programmes like the simple life on foxtel while trying to pace myself as I ran off all the excess emotion. I felt good after. In the span of that hour I had one too many whiffs of the smoker of a runner beside me, had my baby toe cramp like twice, thought of the many people whom I love back home and planned out my day for tomorrow. And I ended up walking home.

I cannot believe that I'm loading Mr Beans Holiday to watch later. As much as it's stupid, I'm still going to watch it and laugh out loud at all the parts that you're supposed to laugh at. David better not game tonight. I AM WATCHING MY SHOW.

And just to be an ah lian for one night (by taking a page of lizs' book),
Ian...I <3 You! Thank you for always being so supportive and helping me let the moment pass, even if it's at your expense.
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(no subject) [Aug. 23rd, 2007|12:04 am]
[Current Mood |irritatedirritated]

All this nonsense is irritating me.
Really lah.
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because breaking up is hard to do. [Aug. 22nd, 2007|06:20 am]
[Current Mood |melancholymelancholy]

YAAAAAAAAY. no more EVNT3000 for me. :) God is GOOOD.
I save $2000. And it's a gift right, daddy?! And because i listen to my very wise of a boyfriend, I shall invest it once I get back. And nope, not in couture.

I love the new snickers advertisement. The one starring Mr T. and with the tag line:
"get some nuts!"

But nobody else seems to think it's funny.

And to kickstart my eating healthy campaign, after a crazy gym session, I marched right into fruity capers and bought for myself 1/4 of a watermelon, 2 mangoes (yaay, they are back in season) and 2 apples. My season with tim tams has finally come to an end.

It really is break up season.
I wish I could go home and play ms fix-it.
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Anything could be compared to a box of chocolates [Aug. 19th, 2007|02:13 am]
I recently discovered the comiclife function on my mac. so, here it goes.

It's EKKA again.
russian dolls
ladder games
fairy floss- a bucket full
a tshirt with Jesus on it
poke poke poker
The musky animal smell.
It's august 06 all over again.

We boogied the night away last night at Friday's.
No remixes, in true 70s style. :)
Friday's beats mercury/family/ccesars hands down. :) Plus we saw a guy who danced and looked the part of kelso.

Forest Gump is on tonight.
The theme song is so so sad.
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Moon over bourbon street [Aug. 14th, 2007|05:07 pm]
I bought 'Tis A Memoir from the guy selling hand-me-down books at market day today, and for only 6 bucks:) There were heaps of other vintage looking books that looked dusty and semi-torn, and they were oh so interesting. I was particularly interested in this kids novel. but it cost 10 bucks, too much to spend on a passed down book i reckon.

And then I wondered into uni's cd shop and bought for myself an old school record of the original soundtrack recording for the sound of music- for only 5 bucks! And now I've got to find a phonograph in order to play the record. They had Sting and the police and the carpenters too! just not on sale. :(

Everyone's going out partying tonight, but I'm gonna enjoy a quiet post presentation night in.
yaaay to quiet time.
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2007|12:57 am]
I'm uber exhausted, I feel like someones stabbing me right below my navel, I'm pmsing- a little, I miss Ian, I miss my girlfriends, I wanna go to the gym real bad, I feel like transferring to exeter- hurhur, I want to take a retreat.

I hear I have a present coming! yaay. that's something to look forward to. :)
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(no subject) [Aug. 10th, 2007|09:55 pm]
I finally started downloading programmes for my windows OS.
And wooah PICASA. I'll get to all the cool functions in time.
with my awesome dual OS mac :)

Big is better, say huey and I.

Clarence, Here are your awesome tweed looking berms that your dearest huey got from TARGET. hurhur


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hear me burp. [Aug. 10th, 2007|04:14 pm]
I gave the ekka a miss, and opted to spend the day at debs painting randoms on pieces of canvas paper- the cheap stuff that is.

Last night was pretty good. ang moh food, the live streaming of the parade that no one was really paying attention to. The singing man in a lobster suit, terribly unattractive. Our game of unending taboo that sophie was getting really psyched about. The truck load of fried rice with sultanas- the LEGENDARY ONE, my awesome peach baked cheese cake, deborah's HAND MADE meat ball pasta and a VARIETY of chips and soft drinks! hurhur. :)

I'm so sleepy, so tired. I need to walk far far away. and play guitar for prayer.
yup. gotta run. zippeeee.
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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2007|01:16 am]
The neighbours' dog gets a goat/sheep/lamp head as a snack.
it is DISGUSTING. After close observation, I realise that it really is a skinned head. ARGHT
Tookie has already cleaned off most of the flesh remaining.
That dog's gonna give someone rabies or some other unthinkable disease sooner or later.

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(no subject) [Aug. 5th, 2007|08:39 pm]
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(no subject) [Aug. 3rd, 2007|11:18 pm]
[Current Mood |moodymoody]

I coped this off a friends flickr site.
I didn't even know it existed.

I want to go home to you. :)

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bonjour, je suis marielle [Aug. 1st, 2007|02:14 am]
[Current Mood |lethargiclethargic]

I've been spending waaay too much time away from home- at the manors, where my part-time house-mates live. But I'm home now, leaving sophie to her korean sappy dramas (though she practically narrated the entire story-line to me already). It's great to have someone try and do damage control on your face. I've had the pleasure of applying heaps of creams/gels/masks to my face the past few nights. I guess my non-existent beauty regime has finally taken a toll, but it's not enough to make me wanna trade in my garnier products from watsons for a higher-end, prescription skin care range. I'll just wait till time is just about to run out.heeh.

Huaay min and I played the funniest prank on my very patient boyfriend. But he's waaay too smart. it was fun while it lasted though! hehe. fank you huay huay, you were a great help. We gotta try harder next time!

I like making dumplings, it's fun and therapeutic. But the joy is short-lived when you witness, first hand, them disintegrating into the soup. Nevermind. Wrong skins, wrong skins. Buy the right ones next time. We had yummy meatballs instead.

It's been a long time coming, but today, I learned how to play texas hold'em. The only reason why I dare to be garang is because I have nothing to lose, plus..I like copying gayvid. :) I won a whole lot, then lost a whole lot. Debs stash of small change will be props for subsequent games.

One presentation is outta the way.
I discovered a yummy flavour of coffee at wordsmith today, it shall be my favourite coffee from now on. I need triple shots every tuesday morning from now on.

My phone date has been pushed back to now. :(
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(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2007|02:09 pm]
Mom reminded me this morning that i'm to leave next sunday. oh the horror. It's too too fast.
Hong Kong was pretty fun with jasmine, but the air pollution, excessive walking and extreme humidity was enough to give me the flu. So im now at home, recovering from a runny nose and a sore throat.

I'm about to embark on a major wardrobe clean-up. They are to be divided into "For Manila", "To ebay" and "To keep in case I lose weight/put on weight/find an occasion to wear it to".
I have a heavy-duty mask on to battle the dust, I'm all set!
Got my new mac, it's pretty, and the best part is that it runs windows OS. :) Now i can send irriating nudges to people i want to irritate on msn, like david ow. hehe.

I have a 2 day week next semester.
This is how my week goes:
Monday classes, Tuesday classes, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE.:)
That means that my monday and tuesday schedules are running non-stop from 9 to 6, and i'll have to HAVE to cook for my friends. haha.

okaaay, i updated. deb stop complaining. I'm looking forward to more exciting stories when I get back! :)
Sam, Thavid...I MISS YOU BOTH TOO. heh.
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nando-fix gum [Jun. 12th, 2007|06:07 pm]
We managed to make it for the 2pm guided tour.

That HUGE piece was created by exploding fire-crackers or something like that. An accident of some sort.
It looks like a signature that was blown up by like 700% or something.

A guy dipped his brush into a pot of blue paint, then ran it down the canvas..untill there was no paint left. The thought behind it..yes, okay. brilliant.
Religious Photography and it's significance to Australia.
Deb posing with some random painting- it looks like it could be on the cover of astrology weekly.
Us, posing with deb and the painting.

I found this exhibit the coolest. A thai guy read the newspapers for dunno how many days and after reading the papers for each day, he'd use it to make something associated with the news for the day.
Paper Mache King I tell you. RESPECT.

I wonder what made the headlines this particular day. The funniest thing outta the lot

Aboriginal Art. The Preetiest things.

Shields that were carved out of the roots of fig trees, and im looking at some pretty amazing pots.

Modern Art. -.-

1. A ladder. A Barrel. An Egg
2. A sculpture made entirely out of cardboard
3. Some lady SHREDDED US DOLLARS to assemble into nests and suspended them in a little glass casing.

A painting of a mass of people communing together

A close-up. HAHA. \

A collection of Asian Art
1. A glass sculpture of some famous sculptors wife.
2. Carved heads- they look freaky from the front, but pretty from the back.

There was this room with black light and mini coloured balls suspended from the ceiling.

What white people use to eat vs What we ching people use to eat.

At the science centre.
Migrating animals. they all looked uber real. which was a little freaky.



I don't know why sophie just HAD to take a photo of the stuffed bat -.-

I've been extremely unproductive tonight. My new obsession is drawing graffiti on people's facebook walls. It's so fun, and challenging. The gentle and smooth movement of the wrist, guiding my mouse for every stroke, creating the perfect picture.
Is nice, I like! EVERYBODY should get the graffiti function!
Then I'd have soo much fun. :D

It's still freezing, a part of me is actually glad to return to humid, stuffy Singapore.
But I'm sure that that'll change once I'm actually BACK.

Dear, we are going to spend most of our time either in shopping centres, your aircon-ed rooom or my aircon-ed room okays? Exceptions can be made during meal times. :)
that reminds me, I was supposed to make a list, of things to eat once back home.

Oh, and Nando's sells portugese egg tarts, at 2.95AU per tart.
it's ridiculous.
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dont hunt the flying foxes. [Jun. 10th, 2007|09:40 pm]
I have this nagging feeling in my mind that one day, while hanging out clothes in my backyard, i'll smell something funky in my garden and when I investigate the stench..I'll find to my horror a dead possum/rat/wild turkey/raven or something like that.
Just the thought of that ever happening freaks me out.

I don't understand modern art..I really don't.
I could take a fork, pierce an eraser through and call it art.
Ian says it's all about the THOUGHT behind it, oh whatever.. I'm just extremely un-arty then.

The science center was pretty fun though, minus the dead animal specimens, especially the bats, possums, and other furry creatures. I witnessed a red ant killing a worm. It was awesome. Extremely amusing. There was also this contraption that allowed you to have a feel of what having wings would feel like. david, eve and sophie had fun pretending to be birds.

Sophie and I stuck our heads out of this cut out. I was the fly, and she was the preying mantis eating me.
David was the bigger dinosaur running after eve, the smaller dinosaur. I swear the facial expressions were the funniest things.

The aboriginal art pieces were the coolest and the prettiest.

The weather has been erratic to the point that I dread leaving the house.
If not for my heater, i would have turned into popsicle by now.
Last night dipped to 8 degrees.

Happy birthday queen, the whole of australia celebrates with you.
How come we don't get such cool public holidays in Singapore?

10 days left! 10 days left!

IAN! I want tau huay! the mixed with tao huay zui one. :)
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before you met me i was a fairy princess [Jun. 5th, 2007|09:05 pm]
It's raining. And it's cold. And im listening to emo faith hill songs.
what a perfect combination.

God's been tremendously good.
I've been drawn in an incredible manner to Him, it's indescribable.:)

Matt 5:6
"Blessed are those who HUNGER and THIRST for righteousness, for they WILL BE filled."

It's a promise, one that will be kept.
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flee from temptation [Jun. 5th, 2007|12:08 am]
They are staring at me.
both, the purple one and the yellow one.
I just know they are.
I can see them from the corner of my eye. :/

SHOO red rocks. SHOO.
need a distraction- calling ian now.
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